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                                              Greeting and Welcome to the Gnostic Temple of Inanna!


    The Gnostic Temple of Inanna was founded on July 31st,2012 and is a modern spiritual/religious society/temple dedicated to the worship of Inanna,the ancient Sumerian/Babylonian Goddess (whom the Akkadians called Ishtar) as well as assiting people in shattering the cycles of death and rebirth to which humanity is bound,find happiness,and achieve  their true divine potential,while spreading this Her modern religion..


     The religion of the Gnostic Temple of Inanna is a modern day syncretic pagan mystery/fertility religion based upon the religion/beliefs of ancient Mesoptamia,as well as those of the Greeks,Egyptians,the Druidic beliefs of the Celts,and the teachings of the Gnostics and the modern Asaru tradition.


     While in the ancient world,the people commonly worshipped multiple Gods and Goddesses,in the Mystery Religions of a the Greeks,Egyptians,and those that arose in other Near East Cultures,it was common to worship one are two deities only,and thus in the Gnostic Temple of Inanna we worship the Goddess Inanna as our sole deity.


     In honoring Inanna,we honor the earth,recognizing the danger of our era,given the amount of pollution,the destruction of whole species,and violence bewteen nations and individuals.

   But make no mistake the Gnostic Temple of Inanna while being syncretic in nature,is not a half-baked,psuedo-pagan group for touchy-feelie,tree-hugging,New -Agers,claiming to be practicing the authentic pagan beliefs and rites of the past,nor is it for hipsters who wnat to be in or unique,but instead it si a modern day pagan Mystery-Religion/Fertility Cult (PLEASE NOTE: The word cult as used here is used in it's original meaning:a system of religious worship) for people seeking a serious new path of pagan spirituality.


   The Gnostic Temple of Inanna is open to all regardless of race,gender,sexuality,nationality or age!